21 novembro 2010


Terry Richardson “Batman and Robin”hello america. explain to me why you choose to make a persons sexuality an issue. I’ve heard gays are wrong, that they “don’t belong”. That they are “disgusting”, “nasty”. how dare you call a human being such harsh words. how dare you not allow human beings the right to marry. how dare you tease, beat and haunt a human being. how dare you discriminate, think less of a human being. how dare you america. we’ve fought for race. we’ve fought for gender. both battles still not a full victory. now we choose to focus on sexuality. Human sexuality is how people experience the erotic and express themselves as sexual beings. (source: Wikipedia) must we focus on one’s sex life? must we continue to put people down due to what turns them on? MUST IT MATTER? We are all people, one of the same. It angers me we have yet to realize that. 

Bom, final de semestre na facu... Estou cheio de provas e trabalhos,
por isso estarei off do blog até quarta, consequentemente sem atualizações por aqui!!!
Peço desculpas aos freqüentadores do Blog, mas tenho que me afundar nos livros.
Bjos a todos e todas :)

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